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Dallas Chef Blythe Beck invites you into Oxygen's 'Naughty Kitchen'

When I hear the words  “naughty” and “kitchen” used in the same sentence, I’m reminded of a scene in the Bill Murray movie Stripes where he lifts P.J. Soles up on a kitchen counter and flirts with her using an oversize but common kitchen utensil.

Somehow, I’m guessing that’s not exactly what’s in store when “The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck” debuts on Oxygen tonight, Tuesday, September 22 @ 10 p.m.

AUDIO EXCERPT: “Nothing’s been cast; it’s all real. Nothing’s fake. The show is real; the people are real. Some of them might lose their jobs, but that’s because they suck.”

Chef Beck runs a popular Dallas restaurant, Central 214, where the staff is frisky—think Hooters—but the food is much more ambitious—think Rocco DeSpirito. The Chef is at the center of the action; it’s more of a documentary series than a contest such as “Hell’s Kitchen” or “Top Chef.”

You can LISTEN to this interview by clicking HERE!


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