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Erotic Comics are good comics, British historian says

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Tim Pilcher has a dirty mind!

That’s what some people think, no doubt. He did just publish the second edition Erotic Comics: A Graphic History and it is filled with cartoon images of men, women, aliens and even a cat dancer engaged in all manner of physical intimacies.

Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off and examines how the form has become an international publishing phenomenon by showcasing artwork that has inflamed desires, incensed censors, and caused controversy.

AUDIO EXCERPT: “The history of censorship of comics runs hand-in-hand with the history of erotic comics. The two are so intimately tied, for so many reasons… Governments have really tried to suppress or stop certain materials from being sold or marketed to the general public.”

Fully illustrated with rare art by Howard Cruse, Gengoroh Tagame, Melinda Gebbie, Hunt Emerson, Howard Chaykin, Giovanna Casotto (whose work graces the cover), Tom of Finland, Milo Manara, Junko Mizuno, this book covers everything: the erotic comics explosion in America in the mid-’80s; the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender comics scene; UK and European erotic comic creators since the ’70s; and the Japanese hentai phenomenon.

(If you have sensitive ears or are under the age of 18, please stop here. You might be offended by some of the content of this interview.)

You can LISTEN to this interview by clicking HERE!

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Order Erotic Comics, Vol. 1 by Tim Pilcher

Order Erotic Comics, Vol. 2 by Tim Pilcher


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