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Ruben Santiago-Hudson, CASTLE co-star: Mr. Media Radio Interview


One of the delightful surprises of last spring’s crop of replacement TV shows was a quiet little romantic comedy called “Castle” on ABC. It stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, a police procedural novelist who gets permission to hang around with an NYPD homicide detective, Kate Beckett, played by the beautiful Stana Katic.

The show, which may remind viewers of a certain generation—mine—of “Moonlighting” and younger viewers, perhaps, of “Bones,” airs Mondays at 10 p.m.

Also in the cast are a number of strong supporting character actors, including Susan Sullivan, Debi Mazar and my guest today, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, who plays Beckett’s boss, Captain Roy Montgomery.

Santiago-Hudson brings some heft to what could be a walk-by role in someone else’s hands.

A Tony and Obie winning actor, writer and director, Ruben Santiago-Hudson made his debut as a screenwriter with Lackawanna Blues, for which he received the Humanitas Prize, a Christopher Award, National Board of Review Honors, an NAACP Award and Emmy, Golden Globe and a WGA nomination.

I don’t usually like to just read credits, but this guy’s got some outstanding ones: on film, Santiago-Hudson starred opposite Halle Berry in Their Eyes Were Watching God; Denzel Washington and Russell Crow in American Gangster; Demi Moore and Kevin Costner in Mr. Brooks; Samuel L. Jackson in Shaft; Al Pacino in Devil’s Advocate; and John Travolta in Domestic Disturbance.

He’s also got a cameo in the new Ricky Gervais film, The Invention of Lying.

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You can LISTEN to this interview with RUBEN SANTIAGO-HUDSON, co-star of CASTLE, by clicking the BlogTalkRadio.com audio player above!>

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