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Angela Dove, NO ROOM FOR DOUBT true crime writer: Mr. Media Radio Interview


How well do you know your own father?

If your stepmother died under suspicious circumstances and everyone around you harbored the belief that your father murdered her, could you stand by him no matter what?

I hope, for your sake, that it’s a situation in which you never find yourself. But it happened to Angela Dovehttp://www.angeladove.com/ on March 25, 1988, when she was a high school student in California. Her life was never the same.

AUDIO EXCERPT: “This was just a man who had a lot of difficulty in interpersonal relationships. He got in his own way. I think a lot of people do that, but it’s not until you’re under the lens of a homicide investigation that it starts to look suspicious.”

Dove hopes to have brought herself and her family some closure with the publication of her first book, No Room for Doubt: A True Story of the Reverberations of Murder. It is the story of Debi Whitlock’s brutal and mysterious death in her own home—while her three-year-old daughter slept nearby—and the impact the long unsolved crime had on Dove’s father. It is also the tale of Debi’s mother’s long struggle for justice.

Even if you read a good deal of true crime stories, you probably haven’t read one like this. Its point of view is unique and I heartily recommend it to you.

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You can LISTEN to this interview with ANGELA DOVE, author of NO ROOM FOR DOUBT, by clicking the BlogTalkRadio.com audio player above!

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