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Marc Spitz, BOWIE: A BIOGRAPHY author: Mr. Media Radio Interview


Even Marc Spitz admits, in the opening pages of his new book, Bowie: A Biography, that he wasn’t  sure the world needed another treatise on the life, loves and music of David Bowie.

After all, as a writer for Spin, the New York Times, Maxim, Nylon, and Blender, as well as a long time fan of the singer, he had certainly read many of the already published works.

But, convinced there might be a market for a different approach, he attacked his subject with a dual purpose: first, he attempted to out-research and out-interview his predecessors, and second, he provided a personal string of thoughts and experiences to liven up the traditional chronology of who bonked who, when where and for how long.

AUDIO EXCERPT: “I think my book has a real hero’s journey in its narrative. You can really see David Bowie becoming the Bowie we know, from the nowhere kid in South London. By the end you feel you’ve lived through a dozen different zeitgeists. And it’s funny. And I’m in it.” 

At this, Spitz certainly succeeded; his Bowie is a smooth, crackling read.

And there is one other factor to consider: There are still plenty of people in the world who have not read any of the previous David Bowie histories—like me, and I’m a big fan.

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You can LISTEN to this interview with MARC SPITZ, authors of BOWIE: A BIOGRAPHY, by clicking the Mr. Media Radio audio player above!

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