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Jodi Flynn, HOARDERS TV show producer: Mr. Media Radio Interview


Where is the line?

That’s the question on my mind today as I’m about to welcome Jodi Flynn, a producer of the hit A&E reality/documentary show “Hoarders” as my guest.

I’m not wondering this in a negative way; my family watches a lot of reality TV, from “Survivor” and “Hell’s Kitchen” to “Big Brother” and “Top Chef.” But the definition of “reality” is quite different from what are essentially game shows to programs such as “Hoarders” or its sister show on A&E, “Intervention.”

The latter shows are serious, intense explorations of people whose lives have gone really wrong, sometimes through their own mistakes, sometimes through no fault of their own. So when I ask, “Where is the line?” I really want to know if there is a point in space we just shouldn’t cross out of respect for human dignity.

Having said all that, dos it make me a hypocrite to say you can catch Hoarders ever Monday night on A&E at 10 p.m.?


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You can LISTEN to this interview with JODI FLYNN, producer of HOARDERS, by clicking the BlogTalkRadio.com audio player above!

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