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Superheroes, bad daddies and legendary monsters? Tom Sniegoski writes for fun, profit

One of the most daring challenges in writing novels for young adults is transferring the four-color escapades of superheroes to narrative form and still retaining the boldness ad glory of the comic book medium—while adding meat to the bones of the structure.

I think Thomas E. Sniegoski (website) accomplished that—and more—with his new novel Legacy, detailing the generational handover of the “Raptor” crown.

Legacy is a rip-snorting good roll in the costumed character hay, adult enough to pull teens and fanboys along into slightly more mature literature while still capturing the intrigue and answering questions about powers and abilities in the “real” world.

Hear it now!AUDIO EXCERPT: “The whole adult thing? I gave up on that nonsense a long time ago. That’s boring! I’m gonna write about monsters!”

Of course, Sniegoski should be able to pull this off: he’s successfully written for both genres, young adult novels and comic books, for many years. He is the author of the Fallen books, where wee adapted into a TV movie for ABC Family Channel, as well as the Sleeper and Owlboy series. He has also written comic books for everyone from Marvel, Image and Dark Horse to Crusade and London Night Studios

Hear it now!

Hear it now!

You can LISTEN to this interview with THOMAS E. SNIEGOSKI, author of LEGACY, by clicking HERE!

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