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Chet the Dog writes mysteries, but shares credit with Spencer Quinn. Why?

Dogs that can express themselves in a language we can all understand are nothing new.

Remember the movie Cats & Dogs? One dog had the voice of Tobey McGuire, another the sonorous tones of Alec Baldwin.

But how many dogs have written books about their adventures?

Point for Chet the Dog, sidekick of Bernie Little and sole employee of the Little Detective Agency and—do you smell that? Hint of bacon, ground black pepper, sizzling burgers on the grill…

Where was I?

Oh, right, the Chet and Bernie mystery series. Book one, Dog Gone It, was a big hit, quickly followed by the just published Thereby Hangs A Tail. Both books are narrated by Chet the Dog, who is a pretty adept storyteller, except for when he gets distracted by the smell of food, another dog’s butt, fresh pastries, Frisbees, baseballs…

Chet also has some problems remembering details a short time after an event occurs, but once he catches a scent the second time, the large incisors are known around the desert to take a big bite out of crime. And criminals.

Chet the Dog website or follow on Twitter.

Hear it now!CHET the DOG AUDIO EXCERPT: “Everything is dictated in a mental telepathy way, through Spencer Quinn, whose name also appears on the books. I would call him my muse; he’s the interface with the publishing business. But the stories are mine.”

Hear it now!

Hear it now!

You can LISTEN to this interview with CHET the DOG and SPENCER QUINN, authors of DOG GONE IT and THEREBY HANGS A TAIL, by clicking HERE!

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