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Thomas Calabro returns to Melrose Place as Dr. Michael Mancini, dad

When last we spoke, Thomas Calabro was preparing to host ACME Comedy’s “ACME Saturday Night” live show and being described as a former star of the late lamented TV series “Melrose Place.”

Today, he’s once again a star of “Melrose Place,” which has been revived by The CW and airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. And he also returned to host “ACME Saturday Night,” on January 23, 2010. You can view an archive of that perforance or watch new episodes when the online comedy TV show streams live every Saturday at 10 pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific, at www.acmecomedy.com.

(Thomas Calabro’s website)

Hear it now!THOMAS CALABRO AUDIO EXCERPT: “The name, Melrose Place, remains the same but everything about it is different, so it’s sort of like a whole new deal. My first scene–I was a dad, which Michael Manicini had never been before. That was new, too, so it felt like the first day on the set of a new show”

Hear it now!

Hear it now!

You can LISTEN to this interview with THOMAS CALABRO, star of MELROSE PLACE, by clicking HERE!


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