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Comic book writer Brendan McGinley is more than Invisible!

If you’re worried about the future of comic books, drop by IndelibleComics.com. It’s the online home of one writer and four artists, a place to see examples of their work as well as full graphic novels, plus you can order hard copy of their products.

As an enterprise, it’s neat, clean and highly functional. And the artwork and storytelling is damn good, too.

I invited writer Brendan McGinley to be my guest today because I like his style. I also like the way he has embraced new graphics technology and applied it to one of my favorite 20th century mediums.

If you’re not familiar with McGinley’s work, check it out while we talk about it here on Mr. Media.

Brendan McGinley website

Hear it now!BRENDAN McGINLEY AUDIO EXCERPT: “If you’re working with good artists, nine times out of ten, you say, ‘Wow, I can’t believe somebody reached into my head and got what I wanted based on a four-word paragraph!'”

You can LISTEN to this interview with BRENDAN McGINLEY, author of HANNIBAL GOES TO ROME, HEIST and INVISIBLE INC., by clicking HERE!


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