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Ka-Baby-Boom! Author says handle retirement planning with care

The post-war baby boom is becoming something else, more than half a century later.

But is that something else a bust?

In his new book, Baby Boomer Bust?—and the title ends in a question mark—Roger Chiocchi (pronounced KEY-o-key) says it may be a problem that the average baby boomer nearing retirement only has $68,000 in a 401k. And no, if you’re looking at the totality of retirement, and not just the first year, that is not much.

Tomorrow, April 15, 2010, I’ll be attending the second day of the Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference, which will be held in Clearwater at Ruth Eckerd Hall. (By the way, the Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference is open to the public. You can register online at www.floridaboomerlifestyle.com) It is designed to help us understand how the recession has impacted boomers. I expect to learn what they’re spending money on right now, which messages resonate most with them, and what they want from businesses today.

Apparently “deeper senior discounts at Denny’s” is not the correct answer.

Joining me today, in advance of his appearance as a guest speaker at the Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference, is Roger Chiocchi, a principal in the Connecticut-based marketing firm Brandloft and author of Baby Boomer Bust?, which will be in great bookstores everywhere this June. You can also pre-order it on MrMedia.com.

Read Baby Boomer Bust? Chapter One for free HERE.

Roger Chiocchi on Twitter

Hear it now!ROGER CHIOCCHI AUDIO EXCERPT: “What we find is that people in the lower and middle end of the spectrum are much more resilient than those at the high end. They’re used to living hand-to-mouth, so it becomes not a big deal to them when things get even tougher.”

Hear it now!

Hear it now!

You can LISTEN to this interview with ROGER CHIOCCHI, author of BABY BOOMER BUST?, by clicking HERE!


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