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An X-Rated Christmas with Howard Stern musical favorite Red Peters (Interview, Music)

Red Peters is back on Mr. Media today to celebrate Christmas his way — which means putting in your earbuds and getting ready to laugh your ass off.

We had such a good time playing Red’s salacious sounds over the summer that when he offered to spend Christmas with Mr. Media, how could I refuse?


In today’s show, we’ll play Red’s latest contributions to the grand canon of holiday tunes. So step aside, Little Drummer Boy. Cover your ears, Silent Night. And don’t come to town yet, Santa Claus. Here come his new instant classics “Have a Wonderful Hawaiian Christmas” and Red’s duet with comedian Margaret Cho, “The Christmas Gift.” We’ll also dip into the vault for a Red favorite from Christmases past, “Holy Shit! It’s Christmas.”

If you don’t know who Red Peters is, here’s a quick recap: First of all, Red Peters is not his real name. He does, however, live and work in the Boston area. His great joy in writing snappy X-rated songs was recommended to the masses when radio legend Howard Stern first heard and featured him on his terrestrial show. At Sirius XM satellite radio, Howard gave Red his own show.

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Hear it now!RED PETERS audio excerpt: “I was home from college one year, up in my room wrapping Christmas presents. My mother came walking into my old room. I was smoking a joint and she said, Red, aren’t you crazy enough without smokin’ that shit?”

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You can LISTEN to this interview with adult singer/songwriter RED PETERS by clicking the audio player above!  

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